Your Checklist While Selecting A Data Center Service Provider!

Published on 10 Jul 2014 | by Mike Shermon

As you plan to build a data center or team up with a data center service provider, you need to take into account a number of considerations. You need a comprehensive analysis of all the pros and cons so as to evaluate all the possible conditions and which option should be finalized.

Usually, when you plan to team up with a data center service provider, you need to check a lot of things with the provider in order to ensure that you are making a fair deal. Here’s your checklist:




Q.1 How the service provider adds up to your performance and offerings to your customers?

Q.2 Does the provider fulfill all SLA requirements?

Q.3 How many cloud nodes are offered by your service provider and at which geographic locations are the data centers located?

Q.4 Is your service provider capable of configuring solutions for any environment?

Q.5 Is the service competent enough to place you as a strong market player when it comes to IT infrastructure?

Q.6 Does the service offer you any power protection plan to support your critical infrastructure?

Q.7 Does your IT investment result in improved efficiency, higher cost savings, and maximized uptime, adding more value to your business?


These 7 are the critical questions that’ll help you make informed decisions. ConsolePark offers you an answer to all your questions with better accuracy and clarity through its Enterprise Solutions & Services.

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