Why You Need A Dedicated Email Server?

Published on 25 Apr 2014 | by Mike Shermon

Getting a dedicated email server for handling confidential mails is currently a pre-requisite for every organization. The targeted audiences for a mail server are mainly the companies that are aware about the significance of using a corporate email and those who have a big business fortune handling hundreds to thousands of employees.

Understanding the significance of using a Dedicated Email Server can be understood by a small instance. If you process all your company confidential emails through any email server other than a dedicated one, then anyone can make accounts and put your company’s goodwill at stake. Similar case occurred when in a reputed company at Concord, an employee made the fake account of company’s owner and sent the confidential information to third party. Due to this, the company underwent huge losses as the fraud could not be monitored in time.


These companies majorly need Enterprise Email Servers that are easy to deploy, stable and can handle thousands of emails in just one go. In addition, there will be a stored back-up of all sent and received mails that will help monitoring fraud or mal-practice, if any. Zimbra Collaboration Suite is one of the most trusted, and secure email service, but the concern lies in the fact whether the service provider or your email hosting provider is capable enough to handle the bulk mails and data.

Enterprise Zimbra Email Server provided by ConsolePark brings you cross-platform enterprise email functionality. The service offers high-level customization; where the customer would be empowered to use the service as per their organizational requirements and specifications.

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