What You Need To Confirm About HIPAA Compliance While Selecting Hosting Provider!

Published on 05 May 2014 | by Mike Shermon

Every industry has been jumping into the cloud business to make its own businesses cloud-based, accessible and completely secured. Similarly, healthcare industry too, has been trying out to improve the services along with maintaining costs. The industry is moving to the cloud hosting environment, though reluctantly, yet its moving!



The major reason for its selective or reluctant movement is SECURITY. Since the industry needs to handle the patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI), it needs HIPAA compliant provider that provides security policies and procedures that are well-aligned with the HITECH Act.

Thus, here are a few quick aspects that you need to keep in mind while considering cloud services for your infrastructure:

Are the services HIPAA compliant ?

The provider must offer HIPAA compliant services fully and not partially. Even if he does so, you must be well-aware about all the policies. Moreover, you must get the detailed audit report.

Can you bring in your auditors ?

If you want to make sure that your data is safe, check if the provider allows you to bring in your auditors to conduct full assessment of your compliance attestations and check if the provider meets your standards.

How frequently the provider conducts HIPAA audit ?

It is very important for any company to have a third-party auditor that can evaluate and analyze the policies to determine whether the company has met 100% HIPAA requirements or not.

These are few points to remember while selecting HIPAA Compliant Hosting for your PHI.  ConsolePark introduces its HIPAA Complaint Hosting services that are highly capable of maintaining your data with complete security. It abides by all the provisions of the HITECH Act in order to be in complete compliance!

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