ConsolePark VPS Service- Overcoming Application-Based Challenges

Published on 27 Sep 2013 | by Mike Shermon

In the current scenario, software applications vary according to the varying needs of data center. In US, Europe, etc., maximum cloud service providers offer application types that are highly RAM intensive. The major application types include:

Cloud Hosting

  • Data Serving: It is highly memory-intensive as it involves data delivery to other application.
  • Web Search: Web Search Engines index vast data that is harvested by web crawlers. For managing the huge number of queries that are generated at the single point of time, data is further distributed into memory-resident shards that consume enough RAM.
  • Data Analytics: The major concern in cloud computing is to deal with the voluminous user-generated unstructured data. Map Reduce approach and other models have find out the solution to structure and process Big Data through data analytics software applications. Most commonly used is Hadoop.
  • Media Streaming: It is one the most familiar web service that includes Netflix, Internet radio and of course YouTube. Through large server clusters, media streaming service can transmit the media files into small packets through a stream of data. The data is sent at different rates on the basis of the required quality. Audio data does not require significant resources, while video streamlining consumes considerable processing power along with memory.
  • Web Serving: In order to achieve high performance tuning and outstanding scalability, web services are hosted through cloud servers. These are hosted on the basis of individual client requests across various web servers and the files are either directly delivered through static files or passed on through middleware script.

The major threat to data centers today, includes constraints such as power consumption, spacing, etc. But, cloud computing has made it possible to successfully overcome such limitations. Consolepark VPS Services stand out tall and can easily overcome such limitations, thereby providing an exceptional user-experience.

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