The New Buzzword: “MultiCloud”!!

Published on 06 Jan 2014 | by Mike Shermon

“Technology takes a new shape everyday”. Good old saying…isn’t it?

But it fits so well with every day technological scenario. As everything has gone onto the cloud-based technology, now the businesses need something that can handle this complex cloud combination and help them manage business well.

Well! The solution is here! This all new technology is named as the ‘MultiCloud or Multiple Cloud Management. The new concept is more complex than even a hybrid cloud. It makes a mix of two or more clouds that will manage on-demand public as well as private clouds.


ConsolePark- Cloud Computing


The basic key to multi-cloud management is to incorporate the multiple public and private clouds in the cloud computing architecture. This mainly works on three concepts:

  • Data Security and management is given priority given the distribution and complexity of data over it.
  • Data and other technical specifications need to be adjusted owing to its movable and immovable parts.
  • Only a proficient service provider can add value to the business as well as fulfill the business requirements.

Moreover, you need to understand that while integrating complicated distributed systems, complexity enhances that can only be tackled through proactive planning and architecture. A service provider can take complete care of your multi clouds with better understanding and hands-on support.


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