Cloud Servers Connecting Your Expanded Business..!!

Published on 03/13/2014 | by Mike Shermon

Undoubtedly, Cloud servers have the potential to outgrow shared hosting and offer exceptional flexibility, power, reliability and user-friendly hosting solutions. These days the users and businesses are bombarded with a considerably larger number of hosting sites.   Cloud Servers constitute a complete server environment with processing power, memory and full root access. They also provide […]

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The New Buzzword: “MultiCloud”!!

Published on 01/06/2014 | by Mike Shermon

“Technology takes a new shape everyday”. Good old saying…isn’t it? But it fits so well with every day technological scenario. As everything has gone onto the cloud-based technology, now the businesses need something that can handle this complex cloud combination and help them manage business well. Well! The solution is here! This all new technology is […]

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Avoid Business Risks and Move to Cloud Computing

Published on 10/01/2013 | by Mike Shermon

Most businesses refuse to come out of their comfort zone by switching to the modern cloud computing services from their traditional servers. But, they are unaware of the fact that not streamlining their business operations with the changing trends can actually prove to be riskier for themselves only. There are a number of side effects […]

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