Why You Need A Dedicated Email Server?

Published on 04/25/2014 | by Mike Shermon

Getting a dedicated email server for handling confidential mails is currently a pre-requisite for every organization. The targeted audiences for a mail server are mainly the companies that are aware about the significance of using a corporate email and those who have a big business fortune handling hundreds to thousands of employees. Understanding the significance […]

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Unearthing Factors That Make Your VPS Performance Slow

Published on 02/25/2014 | by Mike Shermon

Do you get your VPS hosting Plans upgraded at a regular interval only to find out that the new package is still not performing as expected? Under-performing service is a common issue among VPS Hosting customers and they have now learned to consider the server specifications while selecting their plans. These include RAM space, bandwidth, […]

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Consolepark Cloud Favoring Digital Marketing!

Published on 08/12/2013 | by Mike Shermon

Cloud Computing has come a long way since its inception as there is a pervasive adoption of Cloud Hosting and Computing on a global level. It has now entered the stage where its extensive benefits and importance from business perspectives has been started getting realized. With its widespread integration, the companies have started exploring how […]

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Special Discounts for all Business Sizes!!

Published on 08/02/2013 | by Mike Shermon

Current market scenario offers huge competition in any field or industry. Similarly, there are ‘n’ number of Cloud Hosting Service providers in the market that are only focused towards grabbing more customers irrespective of the quality of service they offer. Consolepark focuses on providing high performance and value added services to its clients. Our customized […]

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Growing Frustration with “Fake Clouds”

Published on 07/08/2013 | by Mike Shermon

According to the latest researches, there is a significant growth in the number of end-users who have been sold fake Cloud Services. The dissatisfaction among the users is very high as the companies are getting frustrated with their non-ending search for genuine cloud hosting service providers. The research shows that the companies use less than […]

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