Insuring Your Business With Monitoring-as-a-Service!

Published on 27 Dec 2013 | by Mike Shermon

Monitoring-as-a-Service is gaining momentum at a continuous pace among the managed service providers. The service and solution providers that serve the enterprise end-users strive to provide the service as an add-on to their hosting and cloud monitoring services.

The concept of monitoring has become the need of the hour and you must have a better understanding of business data and operations to get the process rightly done. AWS outage, a recent event, triggered a serious concern towards paying attention to infrastructure monitoring. Thus, one can perceive MaaS as insurance for your business with a view to run it properly and keep it safe from any other business risks.


Since insurance also does not follow the one size fits all strategy, same is the case with the monitoring. You must select the service on the basis of your business needs and level of associated risks. To achieve higher performance with maximum availability, a business needs such hands-on monitoring service that is not reactive, but proactive, that can detect the upcoming error, analyze it, fix it and also provide proper analysis reports to turn down any technical breakdown before it occurs.

The major benefits that a business can get with MaaS include enhanced speed, automated rectification of small errors, customized alert system, and getting timely alert reports. All these collectively contribute in improving business efficiencies with greater flexibility and centralized control over virtual and physical infrastructures.

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