Coupling Big Data With Cloud Computing To Reap Finer Results!

Published on 12 Feb 2014 | by Mike Shermon

Cloud Hosting emerged as a pioneering concept and led to the democratization of IT sector. With expanded reach to the masses, it has brought in drastic cost reduction with ample application choices giving users the power to make the most of technology. The autonomous transformation of IT has not only affected the cloud vicinity, Big Data is also a part of it.

There is a wide-spread outburst of information that is generated through a number of means that include social media profiles, emails, messages, etc. while everyone is busy trying to deal with this increasing data, it is apparently impossible to handle all of the data through let alone control.


ConsolePark- Big Data Solutions


Businesses can only extract value through Big Data Analytics when supported by a robust cloud infrastructure. It is no surprise that even the government bodies also have a keen interest in crunching out meaningful information from this data labyrinth. Approximately 2.5 BILLION GIGABYTES of data is created on daily basis and in next 5 years, it is expected to grow upto 40TRILLION GIGABYTES.

Being in constant evolution phase, Cloud Computing and Big Data can prove to be an idyllic combination and when coupled together, can lead to business-oriented as well as Scalable Infrastructure Supporting Analytics.  

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