Are You Taking Disaster Recovery Seriously??

Published on 12 Nov 2013 | by Mike Shermon

Disaster recovery is considered as an indispensable part of the IT portfolio of every organization, yet it is not given much weightage, it is just done for the sake of doing it. This means that most companies just have a DR approach, but they do not spare much of time in deciding what DR plan should be chosen, what must be the requirements in terms of data recovery, time taken for Data Recovery, etc.


There are a number of DR approaches that can be used for safeguarding your data against any real disaster. These include on-premise data replication, collocation, etc. But these are resource-intensive and are quite expensive. The set-up involves time consuming process. Unlike these processes, Cloud-powered DR comes out as a rescuing solution as it involves less investment, less resources and a robust data security system.


Cloud DR is the new concept that combines the merits of high-end collocation facility, minimum costing, geographic diversity and supported services that take care of the entire portfolio while empowering the customers to have full control over the data.


So, it’s high time to think about your data security and proper data backup as precautionary measures against any inopportune disaster. ConsolePark DR services are entirely cloud based, automated and will help you enhance endurance against any event of data loss through its robust data backup and data replication measures.

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