Anticipate Multiple Scenarios Before Planning Your Disaster Recovery!

Published on 18 Jun 2014 | by Mike Shermon

Disaster Recovery Testing is as essential for a business as it is to have a disaster recovery plan. You can never really judge how good your proposed procedure is until you put it to practice than just have it in the form of words on a paper!

Usually, kind of scenarios you zero in include a flood, a technology break-down, fire, epidemic, or any system inefficiency. This is one of the biggest drawbacks that you always plan for a single scenario…Indeed you must try enhancing the efficiency of your Disaster Recovery planning through evaluating multiple scenarios!

Yess… you should! When a disaster strikes, it leads to different scenarios and not just your anticipated situation.


If there is fire…don’t just prepare for may get to experience troubles with water too..!!



Thus, you must pull out all the aspects and test for these multi-situational disasters. Usually, companies try to suppress the testing failures as they don’t want to invest much into it. But, the real fact is that the merits far outweigh these one-time investments.

You can have better clarity regarding different aspects. You will be able to judge what kind of resources you will need and how much time will it take to get things back on track. Moreover, you can clearly evaluate the ramifications of such disasters and start working on developing preventive measures that will alleviate the consequences.

ConsolePark Disaster Recovery Solutions guarantee safety and security of your business. In addition, you can leverage the benefit with a multi-scenario testing that will make you realize how effective the solution is and how you can mitigate the risks and related consequences.

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