Dedicated Servers

Consolepark-Dedicated Server

Brings you fully-supported dedicated server plans that feature ultra-fast processors, 32 GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth.

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Private Cloud Solutions

Conslepark-Cloud Solution

Cloud (powered by Openstack) allows you to amplify performance and efficiency of your IT infrastructure within a secure environment.

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Enterprise Solutions

Conslepark-Enterprise Solution

Excellent Big Data and Consulting Solutions help you drive your business with razor-sharp efficiency and unmatchable pace.

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Enterprise VPS

Conslepark-Enterprise VPS

High reliability, availability and full-root access services delivering unmatched performance within unbeatable prices.

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Enterprise E-mail Server

Conslepark-Enterprise Email Server

Rock-solid email-server facilitating unified and unprecedented communications for business purposes.

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Managed Security

Conslepark-Managed Security

Scalable, customized and standardized security solutions with managed and innovative standalone cyber security tools.

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  • Anticipate Multiple Scenarios Before Planning Your Disaster Recovery!
  • Measuring Big Data Potential..!!
  • What You Need To Confirm About HIPAA Compliance While Selecting Hosting Provider!
  • Why You Need A Dedicated Email Server?
Rising Scope of Enterprise-wide Big Data Strategy »
Social Media Generating Maximum Data »
Extensive Use of Emails and Web Searches »
Big Data Encouraging Employments »
Consolepark-Enterprise Big Data
SLA Supported Advanced Cloud Servers »
Encrypted Text Mail »
Customizable Mail Cloud and Virtual Deployment »
Get More and Pay Less with Eco-friendly Text service »
Consolepark-Dedicated Eamil Server
Downsize Your IT Expenditures »
Give A Green Boost With Lowered Energy Consumption »
Be In Pace With The Tech-World »
Play Safe and Secure »
Consolepark-Cloud Hosing
Tailored DR & BC Plans As Per Your Requirement »
Automated DR For Heterogeneous Environments »
Recover Entire Data In A Single Process »
Keep Your DR Plan Unaffected By Data Center Distances »
Consolepark-Disaster Recovery